Collection: Pear Trees

Pears have a place in our cold climate! Unfortunately, the selection at your local big box stores and garden centres is small. The standard cultivars that are available are good but don't have the taste, quality and storage abilities that we want out of a pear. We offer delicious pear options, they are popular - so don't hesitate! 

Pears prefer well-drained fertile soil and should be planted 6m (20') apart. Fruit production begins around 7 years on average for pears, we do however have some varieties which are precocious (early bearing). Pear trees are sold as one year old whips between 0.3-1m (1-3') in height. Our pear trees are grafted on full-sized Siberian Pear rootstock.

Harvesting Tip: Pears should be harvested so they can ripen off the tree branch, otherwise they may rot from the inside out. Take notice when the skin starts changing colour, yet the pear is still hard: this is when you should harvest them. Store them on the kitchen counter at room temperature for several days or longer. To assess that your pear is ripe, apply gentle pressure on the flesh just below the stem. If it is soft but not too much, it is ready. You can place your pears in the fridge to stop them from further ripening.