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American Hazelnut

American Hazelnut

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The American Hazelnut is a native shrub of Eastern Canada. It is a great addition to your food forest, orchard and excellent for your edible shelter belt.

American Hazelnuts are delicious and slightly larger than the Beaked Hazelnut. They can be harvested in late August to early September. These nuts will also be an excellent food source for your local fauna if left on the tree. Hazelnuts can be enjoyed raw or roasted and we heard it makes a great bread spread when the paste is mixed with some cacao and honey! 

The American Hazelnut is a shrub and often suckers around its planted location which is useful as a hedge. It is a good pollinator for other hybrid hazelnut shrubs.  In its native range, the American Hazelnut can be affected by a fungal disease called Eastern Filbert Blight (EFB), however, our seed source is from healthy parent trees located in Alberta which have been free from this blight.  

Growers Note: Hazelnuts should be harvested before the squirrels get them, try checking by mid-August and harvest hazels when the husks start to brown. Alternatively installing a metal fence around the bush might keep your nut stash safe as well. 


Hardiness Zone: 3

Height at Maturity: 2.5 meters (8 feet)

Spread: 2.4 meters (8 feet)

Soil Preference: Well drained 

Light Exposure: Full sun, partial shade (produces more nuts in full sun)

Pollination: Self-fertile 

Latin Name: Corylus Americana 



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