Mount Royal Plum

Mount Royal Plum

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 Mount Royal is self pollinating European plum that is hardy to Zone 4. It was discovered growing wild on Mount Royal hill in Montreal, most likely a seedling planted by early European settlers. This is probably the best tasting plum we can grow in our climate. A true delight in the mouth, this is an excellent plum for fresh eating. Also great processing into jams, jellies, etc. Skin is deep blue to purplish in colour with a green sweet aromatic meaty flesh. Tree is slower growing and stays naturally dwarf at around 2.5 meters (8-9 feet) in height. Fruit ripens around mid September and keep very well for up to a month in cold storage. 

Growers Note 

May be worth a try to grow in sheltered locations in hardiness zone 3. This tree is hardy to -35 and will start have some winter die back when it experiences colder temperatures.

Grows well in urban settings., lots of nice healthy specimens growing in cities from Edmonton to Winnipeg. 

There are reports of black knot disease in Canada which some Mount Royal is susceptible too. However the ones observed growing on the prairies have been relatively free of this. This disease does not affect the fruit so if the tree does get infected you may still get many years of great fruit before the tree eventually dies out. 

Hardiness Zone: 4

Height at Maturity:  2 meters (8-9 feet) 

Spread: 2 meters (6 feet)

Soil Preference: Well drained 

Light Exposure: Full sun

Pollination: Self-fertile (Planting two will yield bigger crops) 

Latin Name: Prunus Domestica