Swiss Stone Pine
Swiss Stone Pine

Swiss Stone Pine

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The Swiss Stone Pine is a beautiful tree and it’s a shame it’s not grown more often here on the prairies. It’s prairie hardy and grows well in many different soils. This makes it an excellent candidate to grow in our typical prairie heavy clay based soils. You can start to harvest nuts around 9-12 years of age. Swiss Stone Pine are slow growing at first but take off when roots establish after a few years. These trees are known to reach ages well past 500 years in their native range. Our trees have been inoculated to help the tree better adapt in the transplanting process.

Hardiness Zone: 2b

Height at Maturity: 15 meters (50 feet) 

Spread: 6 meters (20 feet) 

Soil Preference: Well drained, Moist 

Light Exposure: Full sun

Pollination: Self-fertile (recommend planting two trees for best pollination) 

Latin Name: Pinus Cembra