Our store will reopen in Autumn for pre-orders for Spring 2025 shipping to your doorstep or PO Box.

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Each year our online store re-opens in autumn to secure your favourite cultivars for spring delivery to your doorstep. Please keep an eye on our Newsletter to ensure you don't miss opening day and info about our latest additions and updates. Subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Providing quality trees, shrubs and vines to add to your dream food forest & orchard.

A Little About Us...

At Prairie Hardy Nursery we specialize in premium cold hardy edible fruit and nut trees, as well as grape vines and berry bushes. You can be confident you will receive expertly grown trees from us.

Through our catalogue, you can order the tastiest varieties for your garden, orchard or food forest. Ordering takes place online between November and May: by late April or May your order will be securely mailed to your doorstep or P.O. Box.

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