About Our Nursery


 Our homestead and farm in it's early days, circa 1946.

 Prairie Hardy Nursery specializes in the best quality cold climate hardy edible fruit and nut trees, as well as grape vines and berry bushes. Through our online catalogue you can order the tastiest varieties for your garden. 

 Our family farm has been in operation since 1942, and we are about a one and a half hour drive north-east of Edmonton, Alberta. The third generation to live on this beautiful prairie landscape, we started collecting seeds and cuttings years ago with a mission to grow tasty food in our climate. We are proud to bring years of experience to you now, and we are looking forward to expand our offerings as we reap the rewards from our experimental orchards. 

 We take pride in using practices to reduce our waste, to recycle as much as we can. We use permaculture and old world techniques, without the use of artificial chemicals to grow our plants. Our orchards are located on 10 acres of land we  re-wilded with thousands of native shrubs and trees planted over the last several years. We really care about the local fauna and flora! 

Thank you for supporting us!  

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