About Our Trees

Hand Showing a Sprouting Seed


At Prairie Hardy Nursery, we operate our artisanal fruit and nut tree nursery with a deep passion for preserving genetics, providing you with the best quality specimen at an affordable price. We grow carefully sourced cultivars and seedlings selected for their high quality: good tasting, prairie hardiness and disease resistance. We graft and grow our trees in zone 3.

We raise our trees in living soil which is rich in soil microbes, organic matter and nutrients, grown naturally without the use of any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We pride ourselves in utilizing permaculture and old-world planting techniques.

 Symbiotic Relationship between Fungi and Fruit Trees

Symbiotic relationship of trees and fungi 

Bare Root Trees

Economical to buy, easy to handle, and very reliable to plant - these are the benefits of purchasing our prairie-grown and grafted fruit trees. They are superior to most trees you will find at your local box store or garden centre. 

Most of our trees are grown and sold as bare root, with the exception of some smaller seedlings grown in air-pruned pots. In early spring these trees are dug up when they are still dormant and carefully packaged in boxes ready to be shipped to your doorstep or PO Box. The roots are packed with damp moss to ensure they stay moist during shipping. We ship all across Canada except for the province of British Columbia due to regulations, feel free to email us if you have questions regarding this. 

Bare root trees are the superior choice for growing and transplanting. 

Firstly, they are grown healthily with their roots free and not restricted or root-bound as they would be in pots. In living soil, the root mass can form symbiotic relationships with beneficial bacteria and fungi compared to potted trees that are typically grown in sterile environments subject to irrigation and fertilizers.

Lastly, due to the young nature of our trees there is a less likely chance of transplant shock, which more mature trees are prone to. 

Grafted trees average between 2-3 feet in size depending on the growing season, some are pruned back to accommodate for shipping. 

Fruit Trees Grown in Garden Bed


Reading the plant descriptions you will learn about the details of each cultivar, we do our best to accurately describe their recommended method of planting for success and hardiness zone. Don't be afraid to experiment! 

We are continuously expanding our catalogue, and are always interested in finding new specimens. Feel free to reach out to us if you know of an interesting tree we should propagate.

It means a lot to us when you tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@prairiehardynursery) with your tree planting and growth progress pictures.