Minnesota #447 Apple

Minnesota #447 Apple

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A very unique apple that deserves a place in cold climate growing. Minnesota #447 is a very sweet crisp apple that packs a sugarcane punch with hints of molasses. A late season ripener usually pushing into late September. Apples are smaller, averaging 5 to 6 cm in size. Great for fresh eating and it's an excellent keeper which easily stores all winter! Also can be used for cider making and juicing. One of our families favourite apples to eat out here.


Hardiness Zone: 3

Height at Maturity: 5 meters (18 feet)

Spread: 4 meters (15 feet)

Soil Preference: Well drained 

Light: Full sun

Pollination: Self-sterile (Needs another apple tree nearby for best pollination)  

Latin Name: Malus ‘Minnesota 447’