Red Bounty Raspberry

Red Bounty Raspberry

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Red Bounty is a summer-bearing (Floricane) variety of raspberry. It's an improvement from the older prairie standard(Boyne). Berries are large and flavourful that are  excellent for fresh eating and processing. Very productive canes that have berries average 19 to 20mm in diameter in size and easily detach when picked. Berries ripen around early July and produce all summer long. Red Bounty rated first place for highest yield in growing trails in Alberta. Canes will require some trellising for support. Released by the University of Saskatchewan in 1999.

Also available in bundles of 5 and 10 plants

Growers Note: Canes must be pruned yearly to maintain healthy and productive planIn the fall, after harvest, remove all the 2 year old (brown and woody) canes. You can go further and thin out excess 1 year old (green) canes until you are left with approx. 3-6” spacing between the remaining canes.


Hardiness Zone: 2

Height: 1.5 meters (5 feet)

Spread: 1 meters (3 feet)

Soil Preference: Well drained 

Light Exposure: Full sun

Pollination: Self-fertile  

Latin Name: Rubus 'SK Red Bounty'