M360 Apple

M360 Apple

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A large rare apple with great storage life, typically up to 6 months! Normally averaging 8 cm in size but some push as much as 10 cm. The M360 is a reddish green apple with white flesh. Sweet and tart in taste which flavour improves within storage. Good for cooking and baking; making a very good apple pie. The story of the M360 is that it was developed by Morden Research Station and was given to test at Coaldale Nurseries in Alberta. It soon became a favourite of Robert Davidson who was looking for his perfect prairie apple. 

Hardiness Zone: 3

Height at Maturity: 18 feet

Spread: 15 feet

Soil Preference: Well drained 

Light: Full sun

Pollination: Self-sterile (Needs another apple tree nearby for best pollination)  

Latin Name: Malus "M360"