Morden Russet Apple

Morden Russet Apple

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A rare and almost forgotten apple out of Manitoba, the Morden Russet is a greenish yellow coloured apple that is russeted. Fruit has firm, drier amber yellow flesh that is very flavourful.

Good to eat fresh and excellent to use for in cider. Apples average 6 to 7 cm (2 1/2") in diameter. Ripens later in September and keeps well for several months in cold storage. Originally released by Morden Research Station in 1935.


Hardiness Zone: 3

Height at Maturity: 5.5 meters (18 feet)

Spread: 4.6 meters (15 feet)

Soil Preference: Well drained 

Light: Full sun

Pollination: Self-sterile (Needs another apple tree nearby for best pollination)  

Latin Name: Malus 'Morden Russet'