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Rare and Heritage Apple Trees

Rare and Heritage Apple Trees

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Apple Cultivar

*New Release*

Prairie Hardy Nursery is proud to present the Rare and Heritage Apple Tree series, this selection is suited for the true apple tree collector! Add a rare tree to your orchard today. Most apple trees on this list will be impossible to find anywhere else. We have limited quantities available. 

We feel that these Rare and Heritage Apple trees deserve a spot in your food forest, a rare specimen will surely impress your dearest tree-loving friends! 

Our selection of apple trees is hardy to at least zone 2 and grafted onto full sized Ranetka Rootstock for each variety. Ideal for the fruit connoisseur or collector!


Boughen Delight - A Manitoba native, this hardy apple is appreciated for its sweet, crisp and juicy flavour, and is well-suited for fresh eating.

Mystery -  Large crunchy apple with a distinct flavour that makes it great for both eating fresh and baking. Good keeper

Norcue - Apple is juicy and crisp, perfect for eating fresh, baking or juicing. Early ripening and stores well. Very Hardy

Noret - Early ripening apple features a sweet and juicy taste and its a decent keeper, grows on semi-dwarf tree. Very Hardy 

Norlove - Full flavoured early ripening apple with a soft juicy texture. Nice for fresh eating and juice/cider. Very Hardy

Norson - Crisp and very juicy apple. Ideal for fresh eating, juice/cider production, and dependable yields. Very Hardy

Palmetta - Russian Applecrab with a crisp and juicy texture, ideal for fresh eating, juicing/cider

Patterson - A sweet and tart apple with great flavour for fresh eating, mild acidity. Falls from the tree when ripe, making it an ideal choice for forage crops

PF 12 -  Apple is juicy and crisp, with a mildly acidic flavour. Perfect for eating fresh and making juice, it grows on a semi-dwarf tree.

9-22 End - Hardy Albertan apple variety. Has a mild juicy sub-acidic flavour with a tart finish. Ideal for baking and juicing. Very Hardy


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